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    Laughter is an action that the brain pressures us to do two simultaneous things.

    One is visual consisting of specific facial gestures. The second is a phonic one with the production of certain sound. It make also include other body actions such as the arms when the laugh becomes exuberant.

    Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. Stress, hard work and will power are the things that motivate and dives us forward. But laughter binds us together. It lightens our burdens and helps us keep things in perspective. Marriages, family relations, our work and friends, celebrations, play and rituals as much as problem solving and record keeping all need humour. Laughter enables us to look on the positive and bright side of things, instead of focusing on doom and gloom scenarios.

    While coping with life's problems or concentrating each other's limitations divide us, humour unites us, especially when we laugh together. Our friends and neighbors are not perfect, and neither is our marriage or family life. When we laugh together, it can bind us closer together instead of putting us in opposite camps.