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    Setting Goals

    Goals were set since the day we decided to embark on this project. The ultimate goal of which the project group hopes to achieve is like many other groups -- the grand finals. While it may seem difficult and quite a demanding task to do so, with the amount of effort we put in, we realise it is achievable. Each time we achieved our goals, or cleared rounds of judging, a sense of achievement in each and every one of us serves as an inspiration to soar to greater heights. Through goal setting, we are motivated and stretched to maximise our potential.


    With all four of us coming from the same class the previous year, we were quite co-operative and able to work well as a group. Communication did not prove a difficult obstacle for us. With most of the group members coming from the same class this year, we were able to effectively able to meet up regularly for project meetings as well.

    Many of such project meetings was also conducted online during the holidays, during which we had difficulty meeting up. Research work and materials were circulated around via MSN Messenger chat rooms and email to ensure that every one would eventually have a copy and are updated on the development of our resource package. At times when there were differences in ideas, we some times saw the need to compromise. While differences may provide us with a wide variety of views or opinions, it may also impede the progress of the project. Fortunately, they were minimal and when it did occur, we were able to look for appropriate solutions by discussing the problem and finally arriving at a solution. We realised the importance of communication and realised our effective communication can be beneficial in such a project.

    Time Management

    Limited time available made accomplishing this project a demanding tasks. Constrains due to other commitments took up the most time. With two of our members from the Track and Field team, it proved a difficult task trying to work on the project and the same time fulfil expectations for their EP3. Likewise, the other members also face the challenging task of juggling their time between projects, schoolwork and EP3. Fortunately, we started early on our project, making use of our December holidays last year to complete most of the research. Indeed, it pays to start early and through this project we had also realise the importance of time management.

    With such tight schedules, productivity during meetings was important. While it was not always the case that our meetings were productive, we strive to achieve something each time a meeting was being held. Hence, all online meetings among group members were logged and meetings held face were recorded and filed for easy reference. We meet regularly every once in two weeks during the December holidays right to the preliminary rounds.

    Our meetings increased significantly nearer the semi-finals and finals where we meet up mostly online or after school at least twice a week. We felt it was necessary as it becomes increasingly competitive among the project groups and constant improvement in our project was needed in order to soar to greater heights. When we had problems which we found difficult to solve, we consulted our mentor for assistance.

    Distribution of work was also important. Not only must it be a fair distribution, but a realistic amount for a group member to finish in a given amount of time. We kept our mentor updated on our project while constantly reviewing our site and trying to improve on it.

    Working Together

    Throughout the process of doing the project, we learn and accept both the strengths and weaknesses of each group member. By understanding each other better and working together as a group striving for excellence, our friendship deepened. We learnt that the success of the project was very much dependant on the amount of hard work each group member is willing to contribute.


    Not only did we grow closer in terms of friendship, we also learnt the importance of trust. Since our ability to work well as a group was essential to the success of the project, we had to trust one another to complete the tasks each was assigned. The quality of the research that each group member had done also depended on the amount of effort put in by him. Trust was also needed among group members to ensure that everyone was working, striving for excellence and presenting their best piece for each research completed.


    Motivation among group members was another important factor that would eventually lead to the success of the package. By contributing our very best and offering each other valuable advices through the different faces of our project, we managed to motivate each other by constantly examining and remembering our goals as we strive to greater heights. Staying overnight at one of our group memberís house after conducting an interview with a laughter professional proved a memorable experience.

    Despite the fact that we stayed up till 4 a.m. to practise our presentation for the semi-finals and touching up on our main resource website, it proved both an enjoyable and memorable experience. Group members motivated each other to carry on with the project till it was completed. When it was finally done, we experienced a sense of achievement and joy.


    Doing a project on laughter, we too had in many ways injected laughter into what we do. With much laughter and joy, we enjoyed what we were doing in which it served as a motivation. The interview was a fun and memorable experience in which we enjoyed ourselves during the free laughter session in which Mrs Zareena Bana kindly provided us with. The skid that we would be doing in time to come, which would serve as an introduction to the package, is yet another event in which we look forward too. Not only are such activities fruitful, it also provides us with lots of fun and laughter.

    Being Positive

    It was a Saturday morning when we woke up at around 5.30 a.m. to make our way to East Coast, supposedly to conduct an interview with one of the laughter professionals. However, it rained that particular day. Until we were informed of the situation, we did not realise that the class was cancelled due to a thunderstorm.

    Amidst all the frustration that we had made a "wasted" trip, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise when we were able to turn something negative into something positive. We managed to hold a fruitful meeting at McDonald's nearby, in which many ideas such as producing a skit were proposed. It turned out to be one of our most productive meetings.

    From this incident, we learnt the importance of adopting a positive attitude in whatever we do. Only then when we are able to do so would we be able to turn a negative situation into one that is beneficial. Though we were unable to achieve our aim of interviewing Mrs Bana on that Saturday, it turned out to be a fruitful one where there was exchange of ideas.


    Throughout the project, we had learnt a variety of skills. Such include the different areas of research, interviews, presentation and the ability to "laugh" and relax in our life.

    Before conducting the interview, we had learn some interviewing tips from our mentor. Such was the skill to paraphrase replies given by the interviewee so as to confirm what the person said. The need to practice good listening skills was also important. At the same time, we also learnt how to videotape and record the interview down which made it more efficient and easier to edit and work on. Not only did such skills improved our knowledge on laughter, through the interviews that we have conducted and the laughter exercise presentation, we had also learnt to be confident and composed in the manner we present ourselves.

    Self Improvement

    Striving constantly to reach for greater heights, self-reflection was often done among group members where we would provide creative ideas on how to further develop our project. Such has made our project more user-friendly and applicable to its users. Spring boarding of ideas during meetings made the project more attractive and informative. Such include the skid that we plan to conduct to entice the judges in the next round of competition and other aspects of laughter, such as canned laughter, was also incorporated into the site. Jokes, funny music and video clips and interactive quizzes were also uploaded. Effective communication among group members was necessary for this to be possible to facilitate frequent exchange of ideas.