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    The game section is where you can test out your knowledge about laughter and your memory via an interactive and interesting game.

    This game covers the following topics:

  • Laughter & the Brain
  • UCLA Study
  • The 'Good Medicine' in Laughter
  • Pain Reduction Using Laughter

    If you are ready, please direct your browser to the following link: Launch Game

    If you are unsure about the memory game, please refer to the instructions below.


    In this memory game, there will be a total of twenty cards lying face down as shown below:

    Unlike other convectional memory games, you have to match questions regarding the above laughter topics with their respective answers. There are a total of 10 questions and 10 answers which you have to match.

    Take for example the following question:

    According to some researchers, laughter and sadness both have similiar effects on subjects enduring an ice bath. What is that effect?

    In this case, the answer is "Distraction", so you would have to find a card bearing the answer on it. Firstly, you would open the card bearing the question on it. Subsequently, you would have to find out where its matching "answer" card is. In the process, you might open two question cards or two answer cards, or a question card and an answer card which do not match. All unmatched attempts and the total number of attempts will be logged onto two individual boxes at the bottom of the page.

    After you have located the question card, locate the respective answer card. After you have successfully opened both cards, they will become two smiley faces, similar to the one shown below:

    This game tests both your knowledge on the above laughter topics and your memory as well. Have fun, and all the best!