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    The following is a short excerpt from our interview with Mrs Zareena Bana, director of Laughter Club Singapore. In this segment of the interview video, Mrs Bana demonstrates to us how to do the Teh Tarik laughter exercise. For more details on laughter exercises, please click here.

    Ho-ho-ha-ha Laughter

    Starting with a warm-up ho ho ha ha exercise, the members then follow up with a chanting of ho ho ha ha ha in unison, with rhythmic clapping to the beat of 1-2, 1-2-3. The sound should come from the diaphragm, with a feel of the movement of the abdominal muscles. A smile should also be maintained together with good eye contact. Good ground movement and enthusiasm will help to build up good energy levels. The clapping will also stimulate acupressure points on the hand which will promote blood circulation.

    Deep Breathing

    Deep Breathing

    The session starts with a deep breath taken through the nostrils while simultaneously raising the arms skywards. The breathing should be rhythmic in concurrence with the movement of the lungs and should be as deep as possible. The breath should be held for 4 seconds, and then released slowly by bringing the stretched arms back to the sides of the trunk of the body. The exhalation can be through the nose or through pursed lips, in accordance with the yogic breathing where the exhalation period is double the inhalation period.

    Morning Get Up Laughter

    The session starts with a fast repetitive ha-ha-ha-ha while simultaneously swinging the arms skywards. The arms are held momentarily at the apex of the armís oscillation, before bringing the arms back down to the sides of the trunk. The laughter is repeated several times.