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    Mission: World Peace through Laughter
    Day / Date: 10 / 11th January


    The 11th day of January, 1998, went down in history, when more than 12,000 members from Laughter Clubs all over India and a few invitees from other countries assembled and laughed together at the race course grounds, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai, to tell the entire world that we need to take laughter seriously. The enthusiastic participation by thousands of members has proved that these laughter clubs are not a laughing matter. The grounds which are usually filled with the sound of horses galloping, the groans of many losers and the laughter of a few winners, perhaps for the first time, reverberated with laughter and happiness.

    The second World Laughter Day kicked off happily on 10th January, 1999, at 7.30 am at Shivaji Park grounds in the heart of Mumbai. This time too, more than 10,000 members from all over country gathered on one of the coldest Sundays of the season. Holding a two-kilometre Peace March with dancing, the beating of a variety of drums, shouting slogans and repeated bouts of group laughter, hundreds of school children also took part in the Peace March in their uniforms.

    By 2001, the world laughter day was celebrated all over the world in countries like India, USA, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Singapore. In Bangalore nearly 2000 members gathered near the High Court building and celebrated the occasion. In Pune, 800 laughter club members walked through the streets with banners of World Peace through laughter. Similarly there are reports of WLD celebrations from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolhapur, Nasik and other cities of India.

    World Laughter Day is celebrated in the spirit of bringing peace inside us through Laughter Clubs, by doing yogic laughter and practising ways and means of sensible living in a group. And as these small groups multiply all over the world, global consciousness of brotherhood and friendship can be built up and there will be everlasting peace in the entire world.