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    Limbic System

    The Limbic system is the central of all the areas of the brain, which are involved with laughter. It is a actually a network of structures located beneath the cerebral cortex. The main job of the limbic system is to controls some of our emotional behaviors and motivation.

    Structures in the brain's limbic system, which controls many essential human behaviors, also contribute to the production of laughter.

    Structures of the Limbic System

  • Amygdala
    A small almond-shaped structure

  • Hippocampus
    A tiny, seahorse-shaped structure

    The amygdala connects with the hippocampus as well as the medial dorsal nucleus of the thalamus. These connections enable it to play an important role in the mediation and control of major activities like friendship, love and affection and on the expression of mood. The hypothalamus, particularly its median part, has been identified as a major contributor to the production of loud, uncontrollable laughter.

  • Thalamus
    It consists of the amygdala connected with the hippocampus and the medial dorsal nucleus. This partís main function is mediation and controlling of major activities like friendship and love.

  • Hypothalamus
    The median part of the thalamus is the major contributor to the production of loud, uncontrollable laughter.