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    In this page you will find information about this website itself and its developers.

    After much discussion in the November and December months of 2002, this project was conceptualised.

    The following are some of our views regarding this project.

    The Developers

    Sean Goh Shao Hern [Leader]

    Hi! I'm Sean and I'm the leader of the team.

    I collaborate the information from group members and edit them before uploading onto the web. Also responsible for research, I provide the necessary information on how laughter is used in healing and its beneficial effects. Making sure that every group members submit their research on time is also my duty.

    Aaron Low Yu Xin [Researcher]

    Hi, I'm Aaron and I'm one of the researchers of the site.

    Researching on topics like world laughter movement and canned laughter, I paraphrased the useful information. Before doing so, I would seek credible resources and permission of the authors. I would then seek suggestions from my team members on how to make improvements, before sending it to be collaborated.

    Chua Kiat Tat [Researcher]

    Hi, I am Kiat Tat. I have researched on topics I am responsible for providing information on. I then shared them with the rest of the members. Using books, websites and considering the comments from my members, my area of research includes the theories of laughter and how laughter actually works.

    Before doing the project, I had great interests in the topic laughter. Therefore, together with the other teammates who shared the same onterests with me, we decided to embark on this journey to discover all the interesting facts and information about the topic of laughter. I have got to know more about my team members and together with them and have been through thick and thin. I believe we are now looking forward to enjoying our fruits of labour!

    Lu Heng [Webmaster]

    My name is Lu Heng and I am the webmaster of this site. Basically, I work on the design and infrastructure of the website, which is driven by PHP. I am also in charge of maintaining the site and the interactivity and user-friendliness.