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A significant percentage of smokers
pick up smoking at the peak of their
youth under influence from peers.
Fundamental facts and figures
What we plan to achieve through our proposal
Target Group
Which age group targeted and why
Our proposal specifically targets at secondary school students of ages 13 to 17.

According to a study (2001) by the Health Promotion Board with regards to the prevalence of smokers in Singapore according to gender, ethnic and age group, it is evident that youths (ages 18-24) formed the largest smoking population in Singapore (16.2% of age group) and this phenomenon was facing an increasing trend.

Teenage smoking

As such, Team Pł recommends an island-wide campaign targeted at secondary school students, who are impressionable and likely to be susceptible to the influence of smoking. In doing so, the team hopes that the inculcation of the right values, knowledge and attitude at this early stage would help to nip the problem in the bud and bring about a decrease in the smoking population of youths in general for the well-being of Singaporeans as a whole.

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