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Our targets for the proposal and
how we evaluate its effectiveness
According to the Singapore Youth Tobacco Survey 2000, it is found that 26% of secondary students have ever tried (including one or two puffs) smoking or have been smoking regularly.

As such, Team Pł feels that a 3% decrease in the smoking population in question is a realistic and achievable target.

With regards to the evaluation of the success of this campaign, Pł recommends that a similar youth survey to be conducted one month after the campaign. However, the target group of the survey should be more specific than that conducted in year 2000 - about 4000 students each from the Normal (Technical), Normal (Academic), Express and Special Streams should make up the approximate 16,000 sample size. This way, the more problematic groups of students can be singled out and focused on for the subsequent campaigns. The Key Performance Indicator would unarguably be the percentage of students who have smoked before, so that a comparison can be done between the levels of 2000 and for the campaign year.

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