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What the Pł Approach is all about,
in terms of planned individual activities
A brief outline of our approach
Individual features of our strategy explained in detail.
Proposed timeline of events
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The Pł People Search

Ambassador Lively T-shirt

Wear the Pł T-shirt given out at Pł events to support the campaign. Every month, officials would look for five people wearing the shirts around the island. These lucky members of the public would win discount vouchers from retailers sponsoring the campaign like Royal Sporting House, Sakae Sushi, Giordano and OP.

School Programmes

  1. Talks by HPB experts and ex-smokers on smoking would be held regularly with different schools during PCME sessions, especially with schools in areas with a high smoking student percentage. Through these talks, especially the ex-smokers' testimonies, Team Pł hopes that the benefits of smoking can be more significantly emphasised through these real-life accounts.

  2. Stage dramas, produced by a theatre company would also be incorporated into the programme during the PCME sessions as well. This is done in the hope of conveying the anti-smoking message in a fun and enlightening way, which would capture the attention of the students.

Pł Beach Party

This one-day beach party held at East Coast at the held of the year serves as a wrap-up for the campaign, emphasising that the battle against tobacco is never-ending but at the same time, the fact that students should enjoy their life and not diminish it through smoking. The theme of the party would be along the lines of "A party without smoke". The main highlights are:
  1. A youth triathlon would be held in the evening under good weather. This is to promote exercise as a healthy alternative to smoking and to emphasise that a smoke-free lifestyle brings about great physical benefits. The triathlon, consisting of a 500m swim followed by a 8km cycle and an 2km run, represents the different kinds of physical activities that students can participate in. The top five competitors would walk away with fabulous cash prizes, worth up to $1100, sponsored by companies.

  2. The second segment of the party is a feast-cum-party at night, where all participants relax by the breezy coast while swaying to the music of Singaporean bands and singers, including the Celebrity Ambassadors. Some stage contests and games with sponsored prizes would also be held to spice up the atmosphere.

The continuance of the NSCC Marketing Strategy Challenge

By participating in such a competition, youths are not only engaged directly with the spirit of the campaign, but are also able to exercise their creativity and entrepreneurship through this competition. Moreover, the competition serves as a catchment area for more vibrant ideas from youths that can be incorporated into the campaigns of subsequent years.

In another words, this competition serves as a vital feedback channel for the HPB and provides the voice of the young in the decision-making processes. As such, we feel that the continuance of this marketing challenge would bring about great benefits for the HPB.

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