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What the Pł Approach is all about,
in terms of planned individual activities
A brief outline of our approach
Individual features of our strategy explained in detail.
Proposed timeline of events
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Roadshow Pł

A two-day weekend roadshow would be organised at the beginning of the year at Ngee Ann City, Orchard, to kick-start and celebrate the birth of the campaign. The main highlights of the event are:
  1. Free goodie bags (includes promotional brochures, breath-freshening sweets, posters, T-shirts etc.)

  2. Exhibition on smoking

  3. Celebrity Ambassadors' autography session (for campaign posters with CAs pictured)

  4. Stage performance by Mediacorp artistes

  5. Publicity focus: promote the promotional website; the blogging club (Club Pł, see next component); The Ambassador cybergame and upcoming events for the year. Registration for Camp Ambassador would also commence.

Club Pł

MSN Spaces Logo

A regulated international blogging community would be hosted online, preferably with the blogging engine and technical support from Microsoft. The blogging community may be based on a seperate framework of the currently-existing MSN Spaces <spaces.msn.com>, which is increasingly gaining popularity due to its connection to MSN Messenger, a popular instant messaging software amongst youths.

The community would encourage both international and local students as well as experts in the arena to share their views and experiences about smoking. This new initiative hopes to tap on the recent rising reputation of blogging. Through this blogging club, many students would be able to understand for themselves the issues associated with smoking first-hand through their online friends.

Camp Ambassador

This three-day non-residential camp, organised by the HPB and held at Sentosa, would not only equip students with knowledge about smoking and the anti-smoking campaign in Singapore, but also a chance to groom selected Youth Ambassadors (YAs) into future leaders and entrepreneurs as they learn how to organise public events in conjuction with HPB such as the beach party at the end of the year for a cause. They would also be helping out at the various functions throughout the duration of the campaign. CAs at Roadshow Pł would kickstart and introduce this camp to enthusiastic students at the beginning of the year.

The Ambassador: PC game

A computer game would be launched as part of the campaign to promote a smoke-free lifestyle. Developed by a gaming company, this game would be promoted at the roadshow and distributed by HPB to secondary schools, libraries and Popular bookstores. In this epic simulator-cum-RP (role-playing) game, which tests the skills of management and decision-making, the player assumes the role of Ambassador Lively, who attempts to suppress the evil forces of Evil Boxy by building up a personal "army" of ambassadors and organising activities to promote a smoke-free lifestyle to secondary school students.

A series of quests would require completion, whereupon Ambassador Lively would "level-up" in terms of influence, "combat" abilities and resources, before the final battle scene with Evil Boxy and his subordinates. The game is enhanced by randomising components and events such as the items and quests available and enemy characteristics.

In the middle of the year, there would be a gaming competition, Warzone, held at Ngee Ann City, where seasoned gamers compete for fabulous prizes like gaming gadgets and electronic appliances sponsored by various companies by topping the scoreboard.

The Ambassador: WAP game

A mini-version of the computer game, the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) game brings the epic game to the mobile level, where students can download it using their handphone and play it while on the move. Given the rise of handphones with multi-colour display and even gaming capabilities (like the Nokia N-Gage), this game is expected to be a popular download. However, the WAP version is much more simplified, being a "fight to score" game, which would be developed by a company specialising in Java programming / WAP technologies.

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