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What the Pł Approach is all about,
in terms of planned individual activities
A brief outline of our approach
Individual features of our strategy explained in detail.
Proposed timeline of events
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d) Jingle ringtone Ringtones of the jingle will be made available for download on the promotional website (see next item) to constantly remind both smokers and non-smokers that one should not smoke wherever he is.

e) Promotional website Team Pł feels that the current promotional website is highly effective and creative, and hence it is vital for the campaign to retain the website in the Internet age. However, a few improvements are proposed: wallpapers (available under downloads), as well as a PC game, The Ambassador. Publicity ads and commercial videos should also be incorporated into the website. The jingle could also be appended to the list of downloads available for enjoyment.

f) Mascots Two mascots - named Evil Boxy and Ambassador Lively (see images below) would be extensively used in the publicity. The hero, Ambassador Lively, based on the international no-smoking sign, fights against the forces of evil (cigarettes) commanded by Evil Boxy, a menacing-looking filled cigarette box, as well as his subordinates (different brands of cigarette boxes).

Evil Boxy and Ambassador Lively

The mascots assume the role of ambassadors that students can identify with. Hopefully, they can continue to spread the movement even for the subsequent campaigns so that the inculcated values would be deeply rooted in the minds of the students.

g) Celebrity Ambassadors (CAs)
Taufik Batisah and Sylvester Sim

Celebrities like Singapore Idols Taufik Batisah, Sylvester Sim and sportsman Ronald Susilo could assume the role of Celebrity Ambassadors to promote the movement through advertisements in the form of poster shoots and joining the students for activities such as roadshows. This helps the students to identify themselves with their idols and hopefully these celebrities could help to bring about positive influence in the lives of students.

h) Participation in activities The mascots and a group of Youth Ambassadors (see Camp Ambassador) would also participate in the annual Chingay Parade and the National Parade by putting up dances, which would promote the campaign nationwide, reaching the hearts and minds of students far and wide.

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