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What the P3 Approach is all about,
in terms of planned individual activities
A brief outline of our approach
Individual features of our strategy explained in detail.
Proposed timeline of events
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a) Advertisements Poster advertisements (in four languages) would be placed strategically at schools, on public transport, shops, supermarkets, HDB flats and other public places. Advertisements in newspapers and dailies would still be in placed regularly, especially when special events in the duration of the year are near.

The posters will carry two themes: a cartoon-like series that would emphasise on the benefits of having a smoke-free lifestyle and a more serious and down-to-earth depiction of the harm of shop-owners who sell cigarettes to underage students, parents who smoke in front of their children and peers who try to persuade students to smoke.

Some examples of taglines of posters with the latter theme are as follows:

  • "Everytime you sell a pack of cigarettes to Eddy, you are increasing his chance of getting lung cancer. Be sure, be safe, check their ID, don't destroy their future. Support the movement."

  • "Everytime you see your good friend take a puff, are you going to stand there and watch him get lung cancer? Do something, you can. Support the movement."

  • "Everytime you smoke a cigarette, are you poisoning Ah Kiat day by day? Do something, you can. Support the movement."

Some spoofs may also be employed to create humour in the poster ads.

In addition, "seasonal" ads would also be posted to keep in tune with the festive atmosphere. For example, the taglines "Have a new resolution for the new year. Quit smoking." for Christmas and "The good shall triumph over evil" (showing Ambassador Lively stepping on Evil Boxy) for Deepavali, might be conveyed through the posters.

b) TV and radio commercials The original Pł jingle, available from the website under the "Downloads" section, would be the main theme song that resonates throughout the commercials, accompanied by animations of the campaign mascots on TV, so as to make the publicity campaign more memorable.

c) Radio talks Radio talks would be conducted via some of the radio channels (in different languages) with celebrities who used to smoke, their experiences with smoking and what enabled them to quit.

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