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Find out more about how the finances
for our proposal are allocated cost-effectively.

Budget Overview


1. As much as possible, sponsors are sought for every possible event to cut costs. In exchange for sponsorship, free advertising may be provided by HPB especially during public events.

2. The buffer fund is set aside for emergency usage and any costs spillover can be derived from the fund.

Below is the detailed item, logistics, approximate maximum funding and liasion compilation for this proposal.

Item Sub-item Logistics Approx. Max. Funding (S$) Liasion
Publicity Ads Ad design, publishing, distribution (advertised fortnightly in newspapers, public places and schools 100,000 Street ads design company e.g. 2toons; Singapore Press Holdings
TV commercials Commercial production, distribution 100,000 Commercial production firm e.g. Freestate Productions or 2toons
Radio commercials MediaCorp Radio
Radio talks Radio host Sponsor from MediaCorp Radio MediaCorp Radio
Ringtone Production, distribution 20,000 SingTel
Website Design, maintenance 5,000 Health Promotion Board
Mascots Mascots outfit, image design 20,000 Mascot image design company e.g. 2toons
Celebrity Ambassadors N/A, miscellaneous costs 5,000 Artiste manager of CA e.g. MediaCorp
Chingay, NDP preparations Equipment, training 10,000 Dance company
Miscellaneous Ads (flyers, brochures, postcards) to promote events, games etc. 60,000 Ads publishing firm e.g. 2toons
Youth involvement Camp Ambassador Training, food, instructional materials 10,000 HPB manpower, caterer e.g. Select
Experimental sharing Club Pł Blog server Sponsor from Microsoft MSN Spaces (under Microsoft)
School collaboration School talks Presentation slideshows, information booklets 5,000 Four neighbourhood schools in the northern, southern, eastern and western regions of Singapore, ex-smokers
Stage dramas Props, equipment, wardrobe etc. 10,000 The four schools, theatre company
Movement Support Pł People Search T-shirts, discount booklets 20,000, T-shirt sponsors e.g. Giordano and voucher sponsors Giordano, sponsors of vouchers
Games The Ambassador PC cybergame Design, production, distribution 120,000, sponsors from EA Games / Blizzard EA Games, Blizzard, Ngee Ann City
Warzone Gaming stations, tentage 30,000, sponsors (see right) Dell (loan of computers), event management company (e.g. Alliance Event Management), prize sponsors (EA Games / Blizzard, Logitech, LG etc)
The Ambassador WAP game Design, production 30,000 Java & WAP game developer
Celebrations Roadshow Pł Goodie bags, stage set-up, exhibition 50,000 MediaCorp, event management company, goodie bags manufacturer and packager
Pł Beach Party Tentage, prizes 50,000 MediaCorp, event management company, National Sports Council, prize sponsors (e.g. Toshiba, NEC etc)
Competition NSCC Marketing Strategy Challenge Prizes, HPB panel of judges, trophies and miscellaneous items 5,000 HPB

Unless stated otherwise under references, Copyright © Team P3 2005.