Career Outlook

 The future arts scene is bound to be a vibrant one with such enthusiastic support from the government, and thus, job prospects are rather good in Singapore. The Singapore government is starting to invest more in the local arts scene. This can be seen by the good infrastructure and facilities provided, with examples being The Esplanade, The Arts House and many others. The provision and maintenance of good infrastructure will continue to be an important factor in supporting the culture and arts, and nurturing talent, thus creating more career opportunities.

 In addition, the efforts of NAC will have an impact on the arts scene too. This is because the NAC was set up to spearhead the development of arts in Singapore and to help nurture the arts and develop Singapore into a vibrant global city for the arts. It provides financial assistance and arts housing for artists and arts groups, and actively promotes them locally and abroad.

 To identify talents, National Arts Council (NAC) organises competitions for various forms of arts. It also bring arts to the masses through organising arts events to enliven the city and develops the audience base through outreach programs. Opportunities are giving to the young for arts appreciation through arts education courses in schools. Artists are awarded for their achievments and patrons too, for their sponsorship. It actively participates in cultural exchange programs and engages in international networking and marketing.

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