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    The following is an online article by the BBCi. It has been paraphrased.

    Laughter Eases Hospital Pain

    The old adage, "Laughter is the best medicine", has proved its value for children trying to tackle with pain as research indicates.

    United States’ medical experts found that laughter helped children relax, which had a significant impact on helping them deal with accept pain.

    They believe that laughter reduces pain and even boosts the immune function of patients with cancer, AIDS, or diabetes and in children undergoing organ transplants and bone marrow treatments.

    The research fortifies the UK practice of using laughter to make hospitals a more congenial place. Dr Margaret Stuber, leading the US research team, commented, "We think laughter could be used to help children who are undergoing painful procedures or who suffer from pain-expectation anxiety."

    "In the future, patients watching humorous videos could become a standard component of some medical procedures."

    The US study, RX Laughter, is a collaboration between the entertainment industry, paediatrics and psychiatry.

    The study involves 21 children aged 8 to 14 to endure an ice bath by immersing their hands in freezing water and found that all the children tolerated the freezing waters longer while watching a humorous video.

    Those who laughed more recalled less of the pain and hormone tests on their saliva indicated lower stress hormone levels after laughing.