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   - Pre-classical
      - Empfindsamer Stil
      - Strum und Drang
      - Mannheim
   - Classical

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To be able to make distinctions between the pre-classical and classical styles in classical music, we must undoubtedly understand their meaning of the styles within each of the mentioned period, for it is the styles within both periods that make them different from one another. Compiled from various sources of great reliability, these definitions are paramount as a foundation of what is to be expected ahead in the comparatively detailed comparisons in the genres of the two highlighted periods.

While the pre-classical period encapsulates mainly two elements, namely empfindsamer stil and style galant, the classical style takes on a broader approach - so much so that non-lovers of Western classical music tend to associate the word "classical" more with the general idea of Western classical music and less with the period itself!

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Why wasn't the pre-classical style significant enough to become a definitive classical musical period of its own? Discuss this in our forums together with other issues as well!

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