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      - Empfindsamer Stil
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      - Mannheim
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Out of the multitude of composers of the pre-classical and classical styles, C. P. E. Bach and J. C. Bach played important roles in breaking away from the baroque style of writing and carving out new ideas of their own. On the other hand, undoubtedly, W. A. Mozart and J. Haydn contributed greatly to the glory of the classical era. Although composers in the same period influenced each other as well, this site primarily discusses the cross-influences between pre-classical and classical music.

What then, can we achieve without any background knowledge whatsoever of the composers themselves? Unarguably their family backgrounds and other important factors during their lives played an important part in their style of music - which is what this site attempts to engage. In the profiles of these four composers, the genre of music they wrote in (e.g. concerto, symphony etc.), their contemporaries as well as important events in their lives are featured prominently.

Why wasn't the pre-classical style significant enough to become a definitive classical musical period of its own? Discuss this in our forums together with other issues as well!

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