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W. A. Mozart


Born: 27 January 1756, Salzburg
Died: 5 December 1791, Vienna
Type of Music: Opera, symphony, concerto, chamber, choral, vocal, piano
Influenced by: Leopold Mozart, Bach Handel, Haydn
Contemporaries: Antonio Salieri, Muzio Clementi, Mozart, Ignaz Pleyel, Jan Dussek, Smauel Wesley, Beethoven, Gaspare Spontini.


1756 Born in Salzburg, 27 January
1761 First public appearance: taken by his father, Leopold, to Munich; beginning of career as child prodigy touring European musical centers (Paris 1763,1765; London 1764-5) playing the harpsichord
1770-73 Three journeys to Italy; Lucio Silla (Milan 1772)
1773 Vienna; contact with Haydn’s music; composed first works that hold a place in the repertory, instrumental music and sacred works for Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg
1775-7 Concertmaster in Salzburg; first piano sonatas and concertos
1777-8 Visits to Munich, Mannheim, Paris, seeking a post: Symphony no. 31 for Concert Spirituel, Paris
1779 Court organist in Salzburg; cosmopolitan orchestra works
1781 Idomeneo (Munich); resigned from Salzburg court service; beginning of career in Vienna, playing, teaching and composing for piano.
1782 The Abuduction from the Seraglio (Vienna); married Constanze Weber
1783 Concentration on vocal, contrapuntal and wind music; six string quartets dedicated to Haydn
1784 Became a freemason
1784-6 Highpoint of acclaim in Vienna; 12 mature piano concertos
1786 The Marriage of Figaro (Vienna)
1787 Don Giovanni (Prague); Leopold Mozart died
1788 Court chamber musician in Vienna; Symphonies nos. 39,40 and 41 ("Jupiter")
1790 Cosi fan tutte (Vienna)
1791 The Magic Flute (Vienna), La clemenza di Tito (Prague); died in Vienna, 5 December

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