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Musical Inclinations is an online resource examining the differences between the pre-classical and classical style, and the influences that the pre-classical style had on the classical one. Spawned from the question "How does the pre-Classical style of composers such as C. P. E. Bach and J. C. Bach differ from the mature Classical style of Haydn and Mozart?", the developers set out to work on a comprehensive web development investigating the unique traits of both periods, which might appear indifferent to an amateur musician or music historian.

The site is educational in nature, with interactive features such as forums and trivia to attract interest and stimulate the minds of our visitors. Although there are far more comprehensive resources on the Internet, it is in the best interests of the developers to ensure that our users will be educated or even inspired to delve into much more detailed analysis or research of Western music history.

We hope that you have a fruitful and pleasant stay here. Happy surfing!

The developers,

Zhang Weixiang
Li Zhenqiang
Ng Zhao Yang Luke
Lu Heng

Why wasn't the pre-classical style significant enough to become a definitive classical musical period of its own? Discuss this in our forums together with other issues as well!

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