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      - Empfindsamer Stil
      - Strum und Drang
      - Mannheim
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Welcome to Musical Inclinations: Pre-classical vs Classical.

In classical music history, four main important periods of styles and forms were defined - Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th century. Creativity, changes of taste and influences were some of the factors that changed the way compmosers penned their pieces down through history, and due to these factors, each defined period has its own distinctive characteristics.

Even now, these afctors have affected the forms and stles of today's music, as it has over the centuries. Seeing how the influences have shaped the type of music that we all know today as Western clasical music, it would be intriguing to examine the influences that one period has over another.

In this project, we focus on how the short but still relevant pre-classical period - pre-classical defined as being the transitional period between the Baroque and Classical period - had made an impact on the forms and styles of music of one specific period that emerged to be one of the four main and important periods of Western music history, the Classical period.

Why wasn't the pre-classical style significant enough to become a definitive classical musical period of its own? Discuss this in our forums together with other issues as well!

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